Have you heard about the wonders of marijuana? It’s not the psychoactive effects that is associated with it but the medical benefits that researchers are now dwelling on. Yes, a breakthrough innovation that has shocked the field of medicine and still continues to astound many people all over the world. Two of the most active ingredient in marijuana, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol have been found to significantly help in chronic grave conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, neuropathic pain associated with HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. Because of these findings, 15 states in the U.S. (Rhode Island being one of them) made marijuana legal.

Marijuana or Cannabis Card

A cannabis card allows the owner to use, possess, and in some cases grow cannabis in states that have legalized marijuana as a form of medicine. There are currently 15 states where cannabis can be recommended by licensed doctors for the alleviation of illness, chronic symptoms, or certain ailments. Each of these fifteen states has its own laws regulating how medical marijuana can be proscribed, distributed, grown or used. Generally, a cannabis card gives the owner protection from prosecution by state law enforcement, though because weed is still classified as a drug by the federal government, no protection is granted at a federal level.
If you want to get a RI Medical Marijuana Card, you should get in touch with Rhode Island Marijuana Doctor. It is not an easy process to qualify for medical marijuana card. There are procedures that must be followed with your providence marijuana doctor to do so. Here are some tips that will surely help you.

1. People who wish to qualify for medical marijuana should get a cannabis consulting RI with the help of a doctor who is expert in medical marijuana. It can be a homeopath, and osteopath, or any type of specialization as long as he is licensed. Rhode Island has legalized the use and cultivation of medical marijuana up to some amount but you need a license for that. The state has a complete roster of Marijuana Doctor 02907 that are allowed to recommend for a medical marijuana treatment.

2. Know if you are eligible as per Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Program. Patients who are usually serviced by these doctors are those with chronic and debilitating diseases although it differs from every state.

3. Next is to acquire a written recommendation from your marijuana doctor RI. You should also get a written documentation about the said recommendation and have his signature affixed. Information such as license number should also be included.

4. Lastly, apply for the medical marijuana card in a department that handles these applications. In Rhode Island, they call it the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).

States such as Rhode Island which is new to medical marijuana legalization may have laws that are ambivalent. You can get cannabis consulting in Rhode Island to make sure you know all the laws pertinent to your situation so as to prevent legal charges.