The department of health recently has changed the application to be submitted for entry into the medical marijuana program. The department of health has contacted us and asked us that all clients now submit a copy of their proof of residency with their application. The new checklist for what is required for new applications DOES NOT INCLUDE THIS ITEM. We ask that if you have recently had an appointment with the office using the new application, and you have not submitted it yet, that you please include proof of residency.  The following are acceptable documents for proof of residency :  copy of a RI Driver’s License, RI State ID or a copy of a lease agreement   Note:  Your name must appear on the document you submit as proof of residency.
Due to proof of residency not being included on the new application checklist we feel as though many clients are unaware that the department of health is now asking for this at the time of your applications submission, as apposed to submitting this at the time of having your photo taken as they have done in the past. Applications that do not include proof of residency are not rejected, but considered to be incomplete and need simply to be resubmitted with proof of residency . To avoid having to resubmit your application we ask that you also include proof of residency when submitting your application along with the other items on the checklist (client form, practitioner form, payment, BCI checks if a caregiver is being used).
We apologize for the confusion, and we hope to be given notice of any future changes to this effect, or to have them clearly noted if the application form is ever changed. If you have any questions please call us at 401-228-5184 and we will assist you with the submission process.  Thank you and feel well.
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